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Are you a local photographer and want to use the arcade for a photoshoot?

No problem!

Please read through the following requirements and complete the information capture form below.

Requirements :

  1. Photoshoots in the arcade should last no longer than 20 minutes. If you plan on your shoot lasting longer, you must book a private rental for you and your clients, to use our space outside of our business hours. Learn more about private rentals, here.

  2. If you, as the photographer and/or your clients post any pictures taken inside the arcade on social media, we MUST be tagged on Facebook and Instagram @3decadearcade. This is the only thing we ask in return when using our arcade for photos in 20 minutes or less. Small businesses supporting small businesses. 

  3. When taking pictures during business hours, shoot in a room where customers are not playing. Customer experience is of the most importance.

  4. Flash photography is not allowed.

  5. Do not bring in any props, lighting, backdrops, etc. The only things brought in should be the photographer, clients, and a camera. 

  6. Please tell your clients to NOT MISTREAT THE MACHINES. If quarters are not being spent for credits, the game should not be touched. 

Following the requirements from the list above is mandatory for using the arcade for pictures.

The information below MUST be submitted 24 hours prior before entering the arcade to take pictures.

We will not allow anyone to take pictures unless the form below is submitted in advance.

Register to take pictures at 3 Decade Arcade

Thanks for submitting! We'll see you soon.

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