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Where it all started: 3 Decade Arcade is a family-owned + operated business, with kindness and positivity at its core. Our idea of a retro, family-oriented arcade started on our last trip to our favorite vacation spot, Destin, FL, in April of 2021. Since we are all kids at heart, we always try to find ways to make the most of our trip by visiting different attractions while vacationing. We were on the lookout for an arcade ourselves, where we could beat each other's high scores on Pac-Man and Galaga, you know, "the classics." With no luck, we began to joke around with one another, saying that we would just open our own arcade where our family, and yours, can make memories that you just can't make anywhere else. With that on our minds, we tried to enjoy the rest of our week. But if you know us, once we get an idea of something, we cannot rest until we've fully processed it and made that idea actually come to life. The entire nine-hour drive back was spent listening to classic 80s rock hits and bouncing ideas off one another to see if we could actually make this newfound dream of ours, turn into a reality.

From an early age, our Grandfather, Mr. Bill Estes, instilled a life lesson in each of us, and that was to work hard and treat people right. We never lost sight of what that truly means and now hope to become a light in our community. We know from first-hand experience that life throws us some challenging obstacles from time to time, therefore we want to offer a welcoming place where you can step back into time and have fun!​

Beth, a.k.a "Momma Bear," has spent her life teaching her two sons, Justin and Tyler that things in life don't come easy, but with hard work, dedication and motivation, you can make even the smallest idea turn into something great. We have carried that with us in everything we do and are now pouring that same idea into our arcade. With 45 years of sales and business experience combined, we hope that 3 Decade Arcade will be a great addition to our community.

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